Electric Lift Table Solution

Electric Linear Actuators, as the core component of electric lifting table, have realized one-button automatic lifting function through remote controller, make our life more convenient.

Now, electric lifting tables are widely used in offices, classrooms, outdoor zero-time lectures, computer desks and other applications ets.



  • Our electric linear actuators use high-precision silent motors to work with low noise.
  • Protect feature: IP54, waterproof, can directly resist dust and other pollutant in any direction.
  • Aluminum encloseure, anti-deformation, can provide high sopport.
  • Max thrust can reach to 6000N, can lift 600KGs objects at a constant speed.
  • One-button operation, intelligent anti-pinch, pressure rebound, to provide you with most convenient and safe using experience.
  • With built-in limit switch, no need to worry about slippling or loosening.
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to install and maintain.



Sales method:

  • The whole device includes electric actuator, controller and power supply, you can purchase the whole device or one single actuator without other accessories.
  • OEM & ODM accepted, products can be customized according to customers’requirement.
  • Excellent pre-sales and after-sales service, please feel free and contact us.