IP60 Micro Electric Linear Actuator

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Product Description


IP60 Electric Linear Actuator is a special product suitable for the application of furniture and fitness industry, such as electric hospital bed, home care hospital bed, furniture, office furniture, etc.The product can achieve a large range of travel in a limited space.

Product features

● Smart design, high strength structure with maximum load of 130N
● Powder Metallurgy Gear
● Aluminum alloy shell, blackening treatment
● Precision T-screw
● working voltage: 12V, 6V DC

Technical Parameters

Voltage DC6V DC12V
Speed (MM/S) 150 50 30 15 10 8 5
Speed (MM/S) 6.4 19.2 30 60 80 100 188
Load Push Capacity(N) 1200 800 400 330 200 600 300
Stroke Length (mm) 10mm-150m
Operating Temperature 0°C~+40°C
Limit Switches None
Operating Frequency 10% max 2min. Continuous Use
Inner Tube Aluminum tube
Lead screw Type Type T
Protection class IP43
Noise Below 55dB

Outline Dimension Drawing

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